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Music Performance Connects


- Memories - Wellness - Celebration - Involvement - New Learning - Improves/Fosters Motor Skills


In my years of experience it is the social gathering, bringing people together that is most rewarding for individuals who are dealing with various levels of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Engaging everyone to perform music using a large variety of percussion instruments incorporating voice, dance/movement, story sharing, connecting activities to seasons and to just laugh makes everyone feel welcome and not isolated.


No musical experience is necessary to participate. It is my job to provide proper types of percussion instruments to make every individual feel involved, by using an instrument that they can easily play. I always make sure to have instruments available for those individuals who have less motor skills. A shaker of various sizes and hand bells are perfect as it doesn’t take much motion to create a great sound.


Participating in-group music environments allows each individual to share their personal feelings in a creative non-verbal environment. I also encourage to play what they feel and it is not how many notes that you play, it’s how you play the notes = play with space and have fun. No such thing as making mistakes, it is the social interaction of creating music in the moment that is most rewarding to each individual.

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Involving people who are struggling with Dementia and Alzheimer’s should not feel isolated. This can cause increased frustration and loneliness. Having them all come together can make them feel involved to celebrate life. Creating music in the moment helps them take their mind off everything and to just release stress and anxiety to enjoy life in the moment.