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Spirit of World Drumming & Organic Music Workshop


I am very interested in conducting a workshop to help send a positive message to people who have to live with kidney disease. Through the Spirit of World Drumming and Organic Music I will guide everyone to explore their inner feelings in a positive community environment through playing a variety of percussion based instruments (all instruments will be supplied). In this music session I will focus on ways we can improve our wellness through diet, body and mind activities and time management. There will be performance activities connected to story telling, sharing personal feelings and setting new goals.

Kidney Disease Reflection - New Beginnings


My name is Jeff Stewart and I am now living my life on Dialysis. I did hemodialysis for 4 years and then was given a gift of a kidney transplant. I am very thankful in this life changing gift and had great success with my transplant.

Transplant Work-Up


Over the past few years I spent time doing the workup to have my name added to the transplant list. It was when I saw the surgeons/specialists at the London hospital that I was given the bad news that because of my complications with anti-rejection medications that I would not be a good candidate for a transplant.

Dialysis Now 2014


In early April I had my first dialysis with my new fistula. I will admit I was nervous but it was the encouragement of both my nephrologist and the nurses that made me feel more relaxed. Technology is incredible! They now have a portable ultrasound machine that can be used to view and locate where the vessel is to make the needle entry easier. Plus nurses can now use what is called a SuperCath which is easier on the fistula because "the metal needle is removed and only a plastic cannula is left inside the vessel during dialysis"(Google Link: CardioMed 18G x 1").

Before & After my Dialysis Treatments


I could not believe how much better I felt after only two treatments. It's better to move forward than backwards. I continue to share my passion of music and drumming. Personally I feel it is so important to continue to do your hobbies, interest and part time work at your own pace.

Best Wishes for Health and Wellness

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